Why work with Propel?

When you work with Propel, you know there is much more to social than managing channels. We bring together the best of the industry, consultancy and agency worlds, delivering strategic advice grounded in practical experience. We’re unlike social or digital agencies, and we’re different to management consultancies: we’ve worked, and spent considerable time with our clients, across a range of organisations, environments and challenges. So we understand the importance of connecting theory and practice in all we do.

We love learning and challenging ourselves, valuing curiosity and asking ‘why?’ to get the best outcomes for our clients and team. We encourage different thinking because we believe solutions to today’s business challenges don’t come from an existing product suite or user manual. They come from asking the right questions and learning what matters most to a business and its customers.

We’re also different because we believe in the lives of our people. Propel aims to not only better the lives of its clients, but to create an environment where our people can invest properly in their own lives. We commit to this by providing the time, space and flexibility for personal development to happen. Of course we take our work seriously, but we don’t believe this means working long hours for the sake of it.

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There are no current positions available, but please contact us if you like what you see and want to learn more. We’re always up for a coffee chat.