Social media channels present a problem for most organisations. They are almost essential today to effectively engage customers across all business functions and industries, but this perceived necessity has created a gap. A strategic gap.

Like any channel – mobile, email, web chat – social media should only ever be viewed as means to an end. It’s risky and short-sighted setting business strategy and goals aligned to channels, particularly in the dynamic social media environment. But like mobile, email or web chat, social media channels present wonderful opportunities for organisations, provided they have the right strategy driving their use and adoption.

To compete effectively in the digital age, you don’t need channels. You need the strategic capacity to make the most of the changing world around you, leveraging channels, tools and technologies to deliver business outcomes.

social capabilities

We call this strategic capacity ‘social capabilities’. Capabilities that equip organisations to perform more effectively, using data, technology and customer behaviour to drive improvements in the way they market, serve and sell. Capabilities that ensure social initiatives connect business goals and business strategy with business outcomes. Not channel outcomes.

Through social capabilities, executives can determine how much value functional areas contribute to overarching organisational goals, and managers only commit time and resources to those aspects that generate improved business performance.

Even though channels are valuable and have their place, capabilities are a much more powerful business driver, and should inform what and how channels are used. We develop strategic social capabilities to connect our clients’ social initiatives with business outcomes.