Customer expectations have changed.

Organisational pressures continue to rise. Customers, boards, shareholders: all expect more for less in an increasingly competitive world.

Internal priorities compete for attention, and expectations are high. Existing organisational processes and structures are at odds with agility and innovation. Technologies and channels are constantly changing. And risk factors continue to mount.

Your organisation seeks more effective ways to understand, engage and satisfy customers. But as the complexity of adopting unfamiliar, unproven social and digital channels only increases, where should you focus first?

Whether you are leading an organisation, function or specialist team, how can you meet customer expectations, manage risk and deliver business outcomes in such a dynamic environment?

Like you, we believe there’s a better way to do business. Like you, we believe there is more to be gained from social than channel outcomes.

Don’t build social media channels – build social capabilities.

The successful use of social media in business depends as much on the ability of practitioners to communicate and demonstrate business outcomes as it does on executives committing the right strategy, investment and resources to make it happen. And executives shouldn’t commit time, resources and investment to just channels or tools, particularly in an age of disruption and transformation.

Executives require confidence in their organisation’s capacity to manage change effectively, not new channels. They require specialist social capabilities. This is your greatest opportunity to meet organisational goals, create shared value for customers, and improve performance for a range of internal stakeholders.